The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter Volume: 7 (3/31/17)

The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter Volume: 7
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Hello There!!!

My very first solo vocal performance was in 5th grade. I got to wear makeup, a huge hat and a bridesmaid dress, and got my picture taken for the local newspaper. (pic available at  I was hooked!!! Although my ride through the rest of my young adult years were awkward and lonely, I made it through with the blessing of choir and theatre. I dedicated every spare moment to learning lines and practicing vocal harmonies. I delved in so deep that before my senior year in my high school, I had performed in 7 musicals, 14 school choir performances, a handful of community school choir performances, 2 competition choir recitals, 2 school comedies and at least 8 solo performances. Senior year I was voted "most musical" and "most theatrical", I got a lead in another comedy, sang a solo for winter choir and spring choir, won a trophy for my solo in competition choir at Virginia Beach, and was voted president of choir club.

And then this...
That's me in the blue dress performing as Charity Barnum in the musical Barnum. The final HURRAH of high school life and I... screwed it up.  The song style was a "round".  The band started the melody, then halfway through I start the melody again, and then halfway through the choir starts the melody again. The thing is.. I started a measure or two late.... sigh... as I type this, I can re hear the entire song go completely off the tracks and there was no way to catch back up.. for anyone. Yes a simple mistake and I can't imagine others would remember this trainwreck as vividly as I did, but it sure haunts me. I was on such a roll, I felt unstoppable and then the only thing that took me off my tracks... was me!!!
From this moment on, I wasn't so sure about the steps I made.  The FEAR made me question. The FEAR made me hesitate. The FEAR made me wonder if my peers lost respect in me.

Now for some people, that FEAR....sometimes a moment, or a bad decision, or a mistake is what throws them off their game. Sometimes years or even decades pass by before they even consider going back to the time before that particular moment. Some never do.

I honestly don't know what gives me the strength or will or motivation to continue except to do just that... continue. In some ways you need to look at the past to really see how far you have gone.  Thanks to social media I was tagged in this photo right before the new year. I wish I could tell this terrified girl that it's gonna work out... eventually.

Now my fears are ..well still the same, but different. And then social media reminded me that I had been teaching vocal lessons independently for a year!!! Now 10+ students later... oh how far I've come along. Now I wish I could tell the adult me about 5 years ago that booking gigs and teaching vocal lessons is a financially viable option and way better than job hopping and waitressing, but again..FEAR stood in the way.

So beginning in 2017 I sortof made a promise to myself to take new chances. To say no sometimes. To keep doing what I do, but to do it with intention. To act like I belong... because I do.

And that brings me to this...
Believe me when I say my new nightmares consist of this one time only performance. FEAR will not stop me.. too late now.. the flyer is out and there is work to do!!! (Thanks to Susie Woodman on keys for helping me arrange what I hear in my head and to Tim Tucker on bass for joining us on a benefit gig for our awesome practice last night!!!)

And then to this...
I'll be honest.. I usually nominate myself in the first round of The Detroit Music Awards... cuz self promotion yo! But I decided to let the cards lay this year and to stop the FEAR. (BTW..Thanks to those who nominated.)  It all worked out.. and that's exactly what I'm writing about. Knowing that when you fly in a plane it's gonna just float amongst the clouds. When you decide to raise a child it's going to love you. When you take vocal lessons again, you'll be able to find that voice from your 20's. When you make a major career change you'll be able to focus on all of the things you were already doing.

Not always, silly.... but how else will you know otherwise??

Please tell me how you are. It's been a while. Find your passion and find ways do it everyday!!!

Movin on up,
Chrissy Morgan



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