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Joe Jaber & Chrissy Morgan- HDSA Benefit

This is a benefit concert for HDSA

About Huntington Chorea 

It is a genetic and always terminal disease.  As of right now there is no cure and nothing to slow it down.  It attacks the brain function slowly and usually starts in the early 30s but they also have a youth group that can hit any age child and takes their little life around 7.   The suicide rate is the highest in any disease because it's so debilitating and harsh on the family members.  It is very similar to MS or Parkinsons as it strips all independence.   Starts with tremors, then balance, the person needs help with eating , walking, bathing, they cannot drive,  they get violent and eventually suffocate on food or their own tongue because they forget how to do everything ...even swallow:(

This is hereditary and never skips a generation so if someone has it the children they have have a 50/50 chance of being symptomatic. 

HDSA stands for Huntington Disease Society of America and Deb Boyd is the leader of this area.