The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter Volume :3 (8/4/16)

The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter
Volume: 3
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Hello There!!!

Friday, July 22, 2016. That's the date that I hope to remember as my last day as a waitress. I have retired!!! I've mentioned this in a newsletter before almost 10 years ago and tried to pursue other sources of income before hopping back onto the wagon. This time the difference is that I'm focused on doing ONLY what I love and making sure I get paid for it. Singing. Now there's a lot that goes along with that one category (recording, practicing, teaching, writing, promoting, performing, learning, scheduling,etc.) and it is definitely work, but it's work that I enjoy. And the paths do start to open once you set your mind to what that deep passion is. I swear every time I put it out there, it pays off. Sometimes within minutes after responding to an email.  This is all so new to me. It is really hard to stay focused. I'm ashamed to say I spent an entire day just playing solitaire challenge because I wasn't sure where to start because my to do list got too long and
intimidating. I've been losing track of days and these weeks are going by faster than I can handle. I'v also been scheduling out into DECEMBER which really freaks me out. But you learn as you go. If you're curious about some of my life lessons in this industry, check out my twitter feed  ChrissyNowKnows ( .
I still say that should you be on the verge of taking that so-called big step, to change career paths, DO IT!! My stress level has gone WAY down while my pure blissful joy stays at a happy medium on a daily basis.

Please tell me how you are. It's been a while. Find your passion and find ways live it everyday!!!

Movin on up,
Chrissy Morgan


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** Chrissy Morgan joins open session at Dizzy's in NYC (

*******Click The Pic*******
Everytime I watch this video I amaze myself. I literally start to giggle. The "cojones" on this one?!?! On my most recent trip to NYC, I met  Ralph U. Williams (a busking saxophone  player in Central Park ) and asked him where I could perform around town. He suggested Dizzy's. Little did I know that this little place is actually "Dizzy's Club Coca Cola", the late night performance jazz space at LINCOLN CENTER!?!?!  Their final song was an impromptu jam, and this was our last night in New York. I knew I would regret it if I didn't.  As the bass player told me afterwards, "the spirit got me".  I guess so. Forever thankful to the talented band for accepting my performance to their stage and to  ** Mr. Williams (
for leading me there.
When Can You See Chrissy Morgan Perform Next???

Wed, Aug 10 -- Chrissy Morgan Trio w/ Jimmy Nicholls and Joel Palmer -- Tom's Tavern/ Detroit
Fri, Aug 12 -- Chrissy Morgan  & Bruce Farrell Duo -- North Center Brewing Co./ Northville
Sat, Aug 13 -- Joel Palmer Band -- 12th Annual Corn Roast/ Royal Oak
Thur, Aug 18 -- Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman Duo -- Cork/ Pleasant Ridge
Fri, Aug 26 -- Chrissy Morgan & Bruce Farrell Duo -- MI By The Bottle Tasting Room/ Royal Oak
Sat, Aug 27 --  Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman Duo -- The Riviera Cinema/ Farmington Hills
Sun, Aug 28  -- Chrissy Morgan & Bruce Farrell Duo-- Birmingham Farmer's Market/ Birmingham
Sat, Sept 17 -- Bricktown Station -- Rustic Cabins Bar/ Grosse Point
Sun, Sept 18 --  Chrissy Morgan Trio w/ Jimmy Nicholls and Joel Palmer -- Tom's Tavern/ Detroit

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