The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter Volume : 2 (6/9/16)

The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter
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Hello There!!!

If  you are ever curious about how you're doing professionally in your life, redo your resume. It's life changing. It reminded me
 that it's ok to have so many irons in the fire as long they they push you forward. It also made me genuinely proud of myself
 like I haven't been before.  To see it all right there on paper was a concrete affirmation of my continued success.  
Now it's been a long time since I even had to evaluate all of my past projects. The reason for this new found resume 
was actually to put another iron in the fire, but not one you may think. You see, I started teaching vocal lessons!!!

That's right. I finally took that step  to share what I know about performing, relaxation techniques, and of course
 singing. It's truly been amazing. I'm at Berkley Music Company in Berkley, Michigan and the lessons are an hour with 
your first lesson free. (call 248-543-3900 to schedule )  I don't know why it took me so long to teach. I love to do it,
 and I can see the changes in my students (all ages...must be able to read). The greatest gift of teaching  has been the
 drive to jump on the education train myself.

I"ve been really using the internets to advance my knowledge and it's been working! For yoga, might I recommend Yoga With
 Adriene She's quirky, knows her stuff, and the workouts can be as customizable 
as you wish. It's been so great for toning without hurting my knees and reminding to BREATHE!

I'v also been needing to work on my piano playing and a bit of theory. One of the best beginner sites I'v found is Furmanczyk
 Acadamy of Music. Don't be fooled by the name. This kid started his Youtube page in the middle of the night, probably while
 still in college, so sometimes his jokes are super corny, but you know what, it works. You'll remember them and they'll help 
you remember what he's teaching.

And finally, I've been going to Yale!! No really! Can you even believe this world we live in???  I'v started taking an
 Introduction to Classical Music course through  (   I have learned
 so much it's been blowing my mind. I have always had a problem identifying time periods in history, but through music
 I get it! My teacher is an actual professor with Yale and  the course does have time limits and quizzes and lectures.
 It's not easy to sit and focus sometimes, but I'll be done with my 8 week course next week!  I'm ready to sign up for
 other classes through Coursera as well. Now I need to decide which course I try next??  Fundamentals of Music theory
 through University of Edinburgh, Understanding Music Business through Vanderbilt University, or The American South :
 It's Stories,  Music, and Art.

Of course as with all education, it's important to work with a professional once in awhile to work on technique, but 
for scheduling our busy lifestyles, there's nothing better.

Be sure to check out my schedule. I'm working as a Jazz Trio for a couple gigs coming up and I LOVE IT!!

Please tell me how you are. It's been a while. Find your passion and find ways do it everyday!!!

Movin on up,
Chrissy Morgan


** ************************INTERNET FUN********************* CLICK HERE!!! Check out this TEDed video about what happens to your brain when you play an instrument!! (

** SOFI K - One Way Ticket (Live at ROMT) (
It isn't everyday that you get to perform and record as a backup vocalist for a 13 year old  vocalist who happens to be an amazing performer AND songwriter. I have to thank Sofi K. for so much more than that though. Because of her project, I met some OUTSTANDING musicians that I happen to still work with. Susie Woodman being just one of them. Click the photo for a link of our performance on Youtube.

When Can You See Chrissy Morgan Perform Next???

Fri, June 3 -- Chrissy, Susie, & Gary jazz trio -- Gina's Jazz & Soul Food/ Detroit
Sat, June 4 -- Chrissy Morgan -- Claude Allison Park/ Redford
Sat, June 4 -- Joe Jaber & The Last Divide (acoustic) -- Claude Allison Park/ Redford
Sat, June 4 -- Bricktown Station -- Claude Allison Park/ Redford
Sat, June 4 -- Escaping Pavement -- The Northville Winery/ Northville
Sat, June 10 -- Chrissy Morgan & Bruce Farrell -- North Center Brewing Co./ Northville
Sun, June 12 -- Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman -- Maple Theatre/ Bloomfield Twsp
Fri, June 17 -- Joe Jaber & The Last Divide (acoustic) -- Redford
Sat, June 18 -- Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman -- Riviera Cinema/ Farmington Hills
Fri, June 24 -- Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman --Rouge Makeup & Nail Studio/ Ferndale
Sat, June 25 -- Joe Jaber & The Last Divide -- Stoned In Hell Festival/ Hell
Thur, July 7 -- Chrissy Morgan & Joel Palmer -- Tom's Tavern/ Detroit

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