The Chrissy Morgan Newletter Volume:1 (2/26/16)

The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter

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Hello There!!!

Well look out world!! The Chrissy Morgan Newsletter is BACK! Thanks so much for saying 
"YES"!  I remember back in the day posting on Myspace to send out my newsletter. Or that
 time that I tried to send out 500 emails on Gmail. That failed. I was locked out of my
 email for a week while they debated whether I was sending out spam or not.  Don't do
 that...I probably should've switched to the chimp then, but no. I then tried to send 
out individual emails of 20 people per email and lost some of my life before I just quit
 sending out newsletters.

Well life has been very cooperative lately and I'm so proud of what's been happening,
 I just had to share! In the time from my last newsletter, I've performed at the SXSW 
Music Festival, at The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall (twice), was apart of a couple 
of really well made music videos, and started teaching vocal lessons. I've also been
 fortunate enough to record with so many different talented musicians lately. Bricktown
 Station, of course, is still together. Infact we've been together for more than a decade?! We even have some new material and we're playing out a bunch this year. I'm a regular backup vocalist for Joe Jaber and The Last Divide and Scott Morgan and The Sights,  I've  joined in with a couple of local cover bands, and I perform regularly as a jazz duo around town. Woowhee!!

One band is never enough for me. I don't know why. I don't like one kind of cheese either
 (gouda, swiss, blue, cheddar, goat, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, cream, pepper jack,
 etc.). It keeps me busy. It keeps me motivated. I can see the big picture of what a 
professional musician looks like.  The BIG CHEESE!!

Other projects are in the works. A monthly calendar, an acapella cd of originals,
 motivational posters, and more. No joke!! Either way, whatever my next "thing" is...
 you'll know about it! I really appreciate your support. It means so much to me.

Please tell me how you are. It's been a while. Find your passion and find ways do it 

Movin on up,
Chrissy Morgan



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** Vote Chrissy Morgan for the Detroit Music Awards! 5 clips!! "wait for it" (
Here's a compilation video I made to help promote a vote for the final round of The Detroit Music Awards.

When Can You See Chrissy Morgan Perform Next???

Fri, Feb 26  -- Bricktown Station -- Cadieux Cafe/ Detroit
Sun, Feb 28 -- Chrissy Morgan & Susie Woodman -- Maple Theatre/ Bloomfield Twsp
Wed, Mar 2 -- Chrissy Morgan & Bruce Farrell -- North Center Brew Company/ Northville
Fri, Mar 4 -- Scott Morgan & The Sights -- Paychecks Lounge/ Hamtramck
Sat, Mar 5 -- Sweet Baby Ray & The Satellite -- The Town Pump Tavern/ Detroit
Sat, Mar 12 -- Joe Jaber & The Last Divide -- Lacht Pointe Yacht Club/ Livonia
Tue, Mar 22 -- Bricktown Station -- Crossroads Pub/ Ypsilanti
Fri, Mar 25 -- Floorplay -- Crystal Bar & Grill/ Westland
Sat, Mar 26 -- Floorplay -- Malarkey's Irish Pub/ Westland

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