Maybe it was on roadtrips, harmonizing with her family that got Chrissy hooked on singing or maybe it was that first solo performance of "Hello Dolly" in the 5th grade that did it.  Either way, in 1993, New Jersey native, Chrissy Morgan was graduating from high school with honors. She had lettered in choir, won “Outstanding Vocalist” at the “Festivals of Music” choir competition, and was voted by her peers as “Most Musical” and “Most Theatrical.” A year later, she moved to Michigan where she continued to pursue her creative outlets.

A bit out her element when she first moved to Michigan, she began with the theatre. She started improvisational acting classes at Second City Detroit and Planet Ant in Hamtramck to get her foot in the door. From there, she took parts in independent films including the local sci-fi series "In ZER0" and Jeffrey Thomas McHale’s feature "Bedtime Stories,” as well as several plays at the Abreact Theatre in Detroit.  

This was an amazing creative outlet, but her passion was always music.  Knowing so, she used her new connections to move in that direction joining “Bricktown Station,” writing music for independent films, and performing the National Anthem as C-S#ARP for the Detroit Derby Girls.  At the same time, she earned a reputation as the singing waitress by joining live acts whenever she had a chance, meeting new musicians along the way, and performing her rendition of "Happy Birthday" to countless guests. She kept writing songs, going to open mic nights, busking on the streets, and passing out business cards.

If you don't know by now, Chrissy loves to join with different bands and recordings from around town. This has brought her to the SXSW Music Festival, multiple television shows, FM radio and just about every music venue in the the tri county area.  Lately she has been sharing her gift with others behind the scenes as a vocal coach. After a year at The School of Rock, Chrissy decided to move on to private lessons to help vocalists "make the intangible, tangible"

There's no way to say when the name Chrissy Morgan started to get more of a buzz, but it did and it hasn't stopped so far. Here's a breakdown:

Recorded Projects:

Duane Allen Harlick - Beneath The Surface (2015)
Sofi K - One Way Ticket (2015)
Ortheia Barnes - I Was The One (2015)
Joe Jaber and The Last Divide - Keys To The House (2014)
T. Money Green - My Home, Detroit City (2014)
1592 - Think (2014)
Frijid Pink - Made In Detroit (2014)
Hutchinson Enterprise - 22 Measures (2014)
Mr. Champion & Mrs. Morgan - Live From WHFR (2013)
Paul Miles - Save Detroit (2013), Spirit of Humanity Show Part II (2012) 
Kat Orlando - Poster Child (2013)
Sandy Mulligan and The Gypsies - Come Love Me (2013)
Bricktown Station - Are We There Yet? (2010), Home (2006), No Fun Intended [in production]
The John Reece Project - Caribbean Solitude (2005)
Scott Morgan & The Sights -  [In Production]
everyone/ everything - [Unreleased]
Rob Moore - [Unreleased]
Rare Standard - [Unreleased]
Fanta-C - [Unreleased]

Other Performing Projects:

Chrissy Morgan & ... (lead vocalist)
Geecy & The Jungle - backup vocalist (guest performer)
The Voice - Hell's Belles burlesque performer
Emily Roger's Entertainment Realm (ER) - backup vocalist (guest performer)
C- S#ARP - Detroit Derby Girl National Anthem performer
Steffanie Christian - backup vocalist (guest performer)
Escaping Pavement - backup vocalist (guest performer)
Emerging Soul - lead vocalist (guest performer)
George Morris & The Gypsy chorus- solo performer (guest performer)
Six and the Seven's- backup vocalist (guest performer)
High Society - lead vocalist
Sweet Baby Ray & the Satellites - lead vocalist
Emerging Soul - lead vocalist (guest performer)
The Sights - backup vocalist
Main Street Soul - lead vocalist (guest performer) 
Chrissy Morgan - busker extraordinaire 

Although she sings around town at every opportunity, her most popular stage continues to be at home while listening to local radio or some freshly pressed vinyl. That's where you can find her other half, and number one fan, Christopher. His major support has helped lead to a solid 16 year marriage. Chrissy states, “He has been there for me when the crowd was so big I couldn't find him...he has been there for me when he was the only audience member".  An inspiration, the motivation, and of course, her muse. The two live in a ranch in metro Detroit with Patsy (dog), Little One Big Tail (cat), and Fish (fish). The happy couple spends their spare time back country camping and hiking in the woods, miles away from the everyday hassles of life.

Christina, Chrissy, C-S#ARP, The Voice, Mrs. Morgan, Steeners. Whatever name you may call her, don't call her unmotivated. This girl has made a name for herself as someone with dedication, passion, and talent. Her self-proclaimed slogan, “hardest working girl in sno biz”, will be a thing of the past if this talented money train keeps on going the route it's taking.


  2014 Detroit Music Award Nominee for Outstanding Jazz Vocalist

*   2014 Detroit Music Award Nominee for Oustanding Urban/ Funk Vocalist

*   2013 Detroit Music Award Nominee for Outstanding Rock/ Pop Vocalist

*   2012 Detroit Music Award Nominee for Outstanding Jazz Vocalist

*   2011 Guiness Book of Records -- Participant in the World's Longest Continuously Running Concert  

*   2007  AJ's Cafe Ferndale Idol

*   1993 Voted Most Musical and Most Theatrical Student -- Madison Central High School

*   1993 Outstanding Vocalist -- Festivals of Music


Edited Short Bio: 

New Jersey native, Chrissy Morgan, has been living in the Detroit metro area for almost 20 years and has done everything in her power (burlesque, roller derby national anthem, local theatre, YouTube, busking, etc.) to show her talents to the local music community and beyond. This 4 time Detroit Music Award nominee has joined on more than 20  different recordings and performs with just as many local bands. Her most recognizable venture would have to be the original alternative funk band, Bricktown Station, for which she has been the frontwoman and lead songwriter for more than a decade. Like any working musician in Detroit, one project is usually not enough. Joining as a backup vocalist with such bands as The Sights, Paul Miles, and Joe Jaber and The Last Divide has helped her take her vocal career on the road to South By Southwest in Texas, on local radio and TV stations, and just about everywhere in between. Lately, Chrissy has been working behind the scenes offering private vocal lessons and working on her songwriting skills. To keep up with Chrissy Morgan, you can find a full schedule of events directly at